A message to all of our volunteers

Daijingu Temple of Hawaii would like to express our sincere thank you and appreciation for helping us during the New Year. It was a very challenging year with many changes and we would not have been able to open our shrine to the public without your help. Thank you again for your support and great help. May this year and the coming years be a healthy, safe and filled with prosperity and many happiness.


Melvin Imai, Rev. Okada

New Year’s Day Blessing Parking

Parking for the New Years Blessing will be located at the International Church of Oahu Building, 20 Dowsett Ave. a street past the Nu’uanu Valley Park.


When walking to the Daijingu Temple from the parking area, please take the short cut down the street to Lopeka Place. Walk through the street and through the Boy Scouts of America Aloha Council parking.




COVID-19 Self-Screening Questionnaire

During our New Years Day Blessing, we will be screening for COVID-19 symptoms before anyone enters the Daijingu temple grounds. We are asking everyone who attends the event to please complete the online CDC Self-Screening questionnaire on the day you arrive.  After completing the questionnaire, show the results to the volunteer at the front entrance. For everyone’s safety, if your result is “Not approved” you will be denied entrance.

We will also be taking temperatures to follow the CDC temperature guidelines of 100.4° F (38° C) or greater will be denied entrance.

If you do not have access to the web site, someone will have a paper print out of the questions.


Here is the link to the CDC Self-Screening questionnaire: https://www.cdc.gov/screening/index.html


2021 New Year’s Day Blessing layout

For our upcoming 2021 New Year’s day blessing, we have changed the traffic of people coming in and leaving the blessing area. We will be following the 6 ft distance COVID -19 city and county rules by having roped off areas, colored cones 6+ feet apart and flags in the ground in the Omamori waiting area. We will also have hand sanitation stations in various locations. Volunteers will be present to help with social distancing and crowd control. Parking will be available, locations to be announced.

To minimize the amount of people crowding at the Omamori tables, all Omamori orders will be done online (by computer or phone) and manually using a paper order form (if preferred). The orders will be processed by our volunteers downstairs in the basement and will be brought up to the outdoor tables. There will be a station available for any technical questions you may have.

This is a tentative layout and may change at anytime.

New Years Day 2021 Plan



We are looking for VOLUNTEERS

Start your New Years 2021 by helping us and meeting new people at the Daijingu Temple of Hawaii. We are currently looking for volunteers to help fill some fun and exciting new roles. Some of the responsibilities are helping with setting up during new years eve December 31st 2020, crowd control on new years day, Omamori packaging/sorting and distribution and new years day breakdown.

The ceremony time starts from January 1st, 12 am new years day to 4 pm. We will be implementing social distance state rules at all times during our event. We will also have Personal Protective Equipment available for all volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete our contact form and check on “I would like to Volunteer at the Daijingu Temple for New Years 2021.” Someone will be contacting you about your participation.


Omamori Shop is now open!

Just in time for the holidays and New Years, we just opened our new Omamori online Shop.
Place an order and schedule a date and time to pick up your Omamori and have them blessed. Though at this time all purchases are in-person, cash or check only, we are making efforts to accept credit cards to make online transactions easier.