Daijingu Temple reroofing

The Daijingu Temple of Hawaii has been reroofed. Our temple was in much need of a roof repair for many years. Thank you to all your generous donations, we were able to finally get the our roof fixed in time for our new years celebration. Aloha!


Omamori Instructions

Daijingu Temple of Hawaii offers many different omamori (amulets) for good fortune, personal protection, safe pregnancy and childbirth, business success, academic achievement, and personal health and safety.

ハワイ大神宮は、多くの異なるお守りを提供しています (お守り) 開運招福, 家内安全, 安産, 病気平癒、商売繫盛, 学業成就・合格祈願, 厄除祈願、交通安全、縁結び、個人的な健康祈願、等々用意致しております。

Many of these omamori are specific to Daijingu Hawaii and are thoughtful gifts for yourself and your loved ones.


Please place your donations in an envelope and deposit it in the offertory box



Monthly Service Program

Dai do Sanka  Performed by the late Mrs. Kawasaki, wife of the late Bishop Kazue Kawasaki
Kaishitaiko Drum to announce the start of the service
Shubatsu  Purification of the temple with a haraegushi, please lower your head.

Rei to Kami  The opening of the service, please rise and bow with the priest
Kenren (Koushin no gi)   The arrival of the Deity, please bow your head.
Daijingu Norito Sojyo  The chanting of the Sacred Word – please follow the Daijingu norito in the prayer book
Norito Sojyo  The chanting of the Sacred Word
Miko dance (on special occasions)
Gohei Haitai  Please lower your head when the priest blesses you with a gohei and chants
Kamino mikagoo, kami emi tamou, kiyome tamou, mamori tamou, sakiwae tamou
The offering of tamagushi  Please join us as we express our sincere gratitude and respect to Okamisama
Heihi (Shoushin no gi)  The departure of the Deity, please bow your head.
Rei to Kami   The closing of the service, please rise and bow with the priest

Naorai  The sharing of a drink: Please bow to the priest and take a sake cup. Hold it with both  hands (right holding the rim of the cup and your left hand under it) while he pours the  sake. Look towards the altar and drink the sake in three gentle sips.

Closing message from Reverend Okada