2024 New Year’s Day Blessing Ceremony

Flow of People Entering the Blessing Area:
No changes are planned for the flow of people entering the blessing area.

Orders that are made BEFORE Dec 31st:
We will have a tent outside the basement to pick up and pay.

Orders that are made ON and AFTER Dec 31st:
Orders will continue to be processed in the basement.

Waiting Area for Order Pickup:
People waiting for their orders will wait outside the basement, your order number or name will be called.

All non-online (hand pick) orders will be cash only:
All non-online orders will be located in the basement

Order Pickup and Payment:
Order pickup and payment will take place in the basement.

Entrances and exits are designated:
Enter through the mauka (mountain side) door and exit through the makai (ocean side) door.

Clear signs will be posted to guide participants through the designated entrances and exits.

We want to express our gratitude to everyone! Your patience is truly valued, and we are making every effort, despite limited volunteers, to fulfill each omamori order as swiftly as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

MAHALO! Have a Happy 2024 New Year!