2021 New Year’s Day Blessing layout

For our upcoming 2021 New Year’s day blessing, we have changed the traffic of people coming in and leaving the blessing area. We will be following the 6 ft distance COVID -19 city and county rules by having roped off areas, colored cones 6+ feet apart and flags in the ground in the Omamori waiting area. We will also have hand sanitation stations in various locations. Volunteers will be present to help with social distancing and crowd control. Parking will be available, locations to be announced.

To minimize the amount of people crowding at the Omamori tables, all Omamori orders will be done online (by computer or phone) and manually using a paper order form (if preferred). The orders will be processed by our volunteers downstairs in the basement and will be brought up to the outdoor tables. There will be a station available for any technical questions you may have.

This is a tentative layout and may change at anytime.

New Years Day 2021 Plan